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Eric Budke budke at budke.com
Sun Jun 3 22:47:14 EDT 2001

This is from Lo. If you have questions about it, send replies to him. 
Replying to this won't go to him, but rather me.

Hey Everybody, it's Lo.

Just wanted to let you know I am playing 3 NYC area shows in the next couple

First there is the Jason Crosby and Friends show Tues nite at Wetlands. In
case you don't know him Jason is a supertalented keyboardist/violinist whose
album "Out Of The Box" I co-produced last summer.

Then there are Lo Faber Band performances, both of which will be 70 minute
sets opening for Ominous Seapods, Thurs the 7th at a place called Stanhope
House (?) in Stanhope, NJ, and Fri the 15th at the Lion's Den on Bleecker

These are sort of "tune up" shows, getting our feet wet with the new band.
The band includes Ted, Todd, and Tom, all from the Seapods, on drums, gtr,
and bass respectively, Jason Crosby and Pete Levin on keys, Dave Diamond of
Zen Tricksters on acoustic and percussion, and Angela Ford on vocals. These
are also pretty much the musicians who play on the upcoming CD "Henry's
House" and so we will play a couple things from that, plus maybe a few songs
you might have heard once or twice before....

Check the seapods website for details. I'm clueless as always about show
times, etc.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Also there are cute baby pictures now up at:


Stay in touch....it was great to hear from everybody who wrote back to my
last email. Peace - Lo

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