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Hi everyone.  Sorry for the cross-post (again).  I am running a CD tree for 
the Ominous Seapods 12/8/00 and 12/9/00 shows.  They fit on 4 CDs total, 
and come as a package.

This is the last call for sign-ups.  Leafs (leaves?) only at this 
time.  Plenty of branches already.  I am planning on closing this down and 
setting up a structure this weekend.  I'd like to get a big response out of 
this last message, but if not, oh well . . .

I will post a link to the final structure, or a "tree closed" email, in a 
few days.  For those of you already signed up - just keep checking your 
email.  The structure will appear there one way or another.

Instructions for signing up are included in this email.  If you want the 
setlist for the shows, head over to the mutants of the road atlas.  Here's 
the link:


Here's the instructions - please follow them.

Send an email to:

podtree.lento at cornell.edu

In the SUBJECT heading, write:

WV Tree leaf signup

In the BODY of the message, please write your name and email address like so:

Tom Lento  podtree.lento at cornell.edu

Then answer the following questions:

Where do you live?  (city, state, foreign country)
What list were you reading when you found out about this tree? (pod-net, 
moe.L, got an email from someone)

If you need any more information, feel free to ask me.  Thanks.


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