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I've only recently picked up the bass guitar. Owned one for years, but have
only dabbled up till about a year ago. What kills me about Dan is that when
I started seeing them, he was playing 5 and 6 string basses. And as the
years went on, he went back to the 4 string Precision and actually sounded
better. Watching him play Dirty Little Secret and Brand New Pussycat on that
P-bass only reinforced in my mind how great he is. Looks like I need to
start practicing a little more. :D

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> Was watching the new Rush documentary last night and a drum guru that Neil
> Peart went to to develop some technique (yes, even Peart) had words of
> wisdom on hitting the drums: It's not just about hitting the heads, it's
> also the motion through the air to get there. For me, Tomo defines that.
> Loved the way he sort of backhanded one of the crashes to his right several
> times during the night. All with a grin, of course.
> Dan's playing was one of the reasons I picked up the bass 16 years ago.
> Used to sit around playing along to $1.99, Who's Driving... Looking forward
> to picking up a drum set soon (beyond Rock Band!) and doing the same with
> the Tomo influence.
> Brian
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> Thank you very much Mike Weiss, Budke, tapers & GSW!
> Phenomenal shows!!!  Felt great to both see & hear GSW live again.  They
> look great & sounded awesome!
> Without a doubt, hands down, Tomo is the most incredible drummer on the
> face of this planet.  Watching him again confirms this.
> Surprised to see so many nerdy people in the crowd.
> Thanks to all that made this possible.
> Enjoy the Irving shows.
> Regards
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