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Thu Jul 15 09:52:42 EDT 2010

Some very tasty tunes below...wanted to hear a Freight Train & perhaps a hard hitting Snake Eyes opener last weekend.
I' m excited for the people able to attend the Plaza shows.  You will be witnessing ROCK-SOLID shows for sure!

This new age trips me out w/ youtube footage & these immediate downloads of one day old shows.  I used to wait what seemed forever for precious analogs to arrive in the mail.  When opening any of them was like unwrapping a Christmas gift every time!  I have a boatload of 8 mm shows I video taped thru out the years, would love to get them on a dvd format.  Good times & crazy footage.

Thanks again for last weekends shows!  Thanks again video and audio tapers & also the photographers, great pictures!!!

Can' t stop thinking about seeing GSW last weekend for the first time in 12 years.  Miss them so much it hurts!

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Never been so excited for a weekend of shows before in my life.  Put together a list of songs they haven't played yet and was amazed at the gems still ready to be played.  


Here is my best effort of the songs "still in play" - see you all this weekend.  Feel free to add any I missed:


      Any Major Dude
      Better Than You
      Big Papa
      Bring Back The News
      Crazy Head
      Crazy Iranian
      Deep Drag
      Dinner Guest
      Do You Think I'm Real
      Don't Tell God
      Express Yourself
      Freight Train
      Funny Kinda Love
      Get on the Train
      Girl on Fire
      God Street
      Good Dream
      Goodbye Oklahoma
      Hammer & Spike
      Happy Birthday Mr. President
      Hollow Frog
      Hungry Again
      I'll Still Like You
      In the Lighthouse
      Into the Mystic
      Miss Leonardo
      Mock Turtle Song
      Morning Cigarrettes
      Mr. Big Potato
      New Eyes
      No Feeling
      Nothing Left To Lose
      One-Armed Man
      Peanut Butter Jar
      Red & Milky White
      Revealing Nothing
      Seeing Your Meaning
      Snake Eyes
      Stone House
      Sweet Lil Angel
      This Fine Town
      Tinas Town
      Untitled Take 2
      Upside Down / Inside Out
      Vanity Street
      Wake Up Now
      Warm in Here
      Whatcha Gonna Do About it
      Which Way Will She Go
      White Sun Turns to Red
      Wonderful Westchester Women



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